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Choose a result, get directions, then send them to yourself.

Dining room hours vary by location. Please call the castle to confirm hours.

  • Locator_a

    811 W. 8th St.

    Intersection of 8th St. & Linn St. Online Ordering
  • Locator_b

    596 3rd St.

    Intersection of 3rd St. & Philadelphia St. Online Ordering
  • Locator_c

    1 W. 5th St.

    Intersection of 5th St. @ York St. Online Ordering
  • Locator_d

    2650 Reading Rd.

    Intersection of Reading @ Wm. Howard Taft Online Ordering
  • Locator_e

    1811 Monmouth St.

    Intersection of Monmouth St. & 18th St. Online Ordering
  • Locator_f

    3030 Central Pkwy.

    Intersection of Central Parkway & Hopple Online Ordering
  • Locator_g

    3411 Warsaw Ave.

    Intersection of Warsaw Ave. & Elberon Ave. Online Ordering
  • Locator_h

    64 W. Mitchell Ave.

    Intersection of Mitchell Ave. @ Kessler Online Ordering
  • Locator_i

    3940 Ludlow Ave.

    Intersection of Spring Grove @ Hamilton Online Ordering
  • Locator_j

    482 Orphanage Rd.

    Intersection of Orphanage Rd & West of SR 17 Online Ordering
  • Locator_k

    5075 Montgomery Rd.

    Intersection of Montgomery Rd. @ Ross Ave. Online Ordering
  • Locator_l

    5301 Delhi Rd

    Intersection of Delhi Pike & Anderson Ferry Rd. Online Ordering
  • Locator_m

    3201 Harrison Ave.

    Intersection of Harrison @ Boudinot Online Ordering
  • Locator_n

    3410 Highland Ave.

    Intersection of Highland East of Ridge Online Ordering
  • Locator_o

    7400 Vine St.

    Intersection of North Bend Rd. And Vine St. Online Ordering