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Find a Castle

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Choose a result, get directions, then send them to yourself.

Dining room hours vary by location. Please call the castle to confirm hours.

  • Locator_a

    1111 Cambridge St.

    Intersection of Blake Rd. N. @ Highway 7 Online Ordering
  • Locator_b

    8011 Old Carriage Ct. N.

    Intersection of Southbridge Pkwy & CR18 Online Ordering
  • Locator_c

    100 W. Lake St.

    Intersection of W. Lake St. @ Blaisdell Online Ordering
  • Locator_d

    9600 Lyndale Ave. S.

    Intersection of Lyndale Ave. S. @ 96th Online Ordering
  • Locator_e

    608 Central Ave. N.E.

    Intersection of Central Ave. N.E. @ Hennepin Online Ordering
  • Locator_f

    3600 E. Lake St.

    Intersection of E. Lake St. @ 36th Ave. Online Ordering
  • Locator_g

    7741 Zane Ave.

    Intersection of Brooklyn Blvd. @ Zane Ave. Online Ordering
  • Locator_h

    9480 Dunkirk Lane North

    Online Ordering
  • Locator_i

    5055 Central Ave. N.E.

    Intersection of Central Ave. N.E. @ 51st St. Online Ordering
  • Locator_j

    1120 University Ave. W.

    Intersection of University & Lexington Online Ordering
  • Locator_k

    15101 Cedar Ave

    Intersection of Intersection of Cedar Ave. @ 150th Street, West. Online Ordering
  • Locator_l

    505 Rice St.

    Intersection of Rice St. between Sherburne & University Online Ordering
  • Locator_m

    9330 Baltimore St. N.E.

    Intersection of Central Ave. & 93rd Lane NE Online Ordering
  • Locator_n

    4515 S. Robert Trail

    Intersection of Robert St. @ Mendota Rd. Online Ordering
  • Locator_o

    3465 124th Ave. N.W.

    Intersection of Riverdale & Main Street Online Ordering