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Stuffed Rouladen au White Castle

Second Place Winner

10 White Castle® Hamburgers (with pickles)
1 egg
2 1/2 to 3 lbs. thinly sliced round steak or breakfast steak
1/2 lb. raw bacon (cut 3-4" long)
1 C white flour
Bacon grease or vegetable oil
2 t seasoned salt
2 C water
1 pkg onion gravy

Traditional German Rouladen is thin strips of round steak rolled around bacon and a dill pickle. My version uses the dill pickle chip from the White Castle hamburgers, but kicks it up with an added stuffing made from the White Castle meat and buns.
Separate hamburger meat from buns, allowing bottoms to dry in 150┬░ oven for about an hour or dry in microwave on high about two minutes. Knock onions off tops and seal in a plastic bag for later use. In a bowl, crumble all the hamburger, onions and bun bottoms, then add one egg and thoroughly mix until mixture looks uniform like a dough.
Cut round steak into strips, approximately 3″ × 5″ by 1/8" thick. Lay one piece of bacon, one pickle chip and one to two tablespoonfuls of hamburger mixture on each steak strip. Roll each steak strip up around bacon, pickle and stuffing and secure with at least two toothpicks (just tight enough to prevent stuffing from falling out, but not so tight as to squeeze it out the sides).
On medium heat, warm bacon grease or oil. Meanwhile, mix flour and seasoned salt and roll each roll-up in flour/salt mixture to evenly coat. When grease/oil is hot, place each roll in skillet to lightly brown. Once browned, place roll-ups into a slow cooker. Note: If you have any extra stuffing, form small patties, coat in flour, brown in skillet and also put into the slow cooker.
Take remaining flour mixture and slowly stir in one cup water to make a slurry. Stir slurry into hot skillet, scraping bottom to loosen drippings. When thickened, pour over meat in slow cooker. Mix gravy mix with remaining cup of water and prepare according to package directions. Heat and pour over meat in slow cooker. Cook on high for three to four hours, until meat is fork tender.
Remove meat and stir gravy. Remove toothpicks before serving (they will easily pull out of meat), and meat will retain shape. Meat and gravy are best served with mashed potatoes and peas/spinach. Use the bun tops or dinner rolls to soak up that delicious gravy.

Submitted by Deborah A. Baumann of St. Louis, MO