1) How do I start a Franchise in my town?

White Castle and all its subsidiaries are privately owned and operated. The company does not franchise or offer stock options, and finances its expansion solely through retained earnings.

2) Why hasn’t White Castle expanded to my area?

White Castle and all its subsidiaries are privately owned and operated. The company does not franchise or offer stock options, and finances its expansion solely through retained earnings. For these reasons, White Castle expands slowly and tends to operate within the existing Midwest and Northeast regions where all our support facilities (meat plants, bakeries, etc.) are located. We believe in this business practice so we can provide a stable company for the more than 12,000+ team members it supports.

3) Can I get Sliders shipped to my house since there are no restaurants in my area?

We discontinued food shipment to non-service areas many years ago. We do however have a frozen product available in many groceries and convenience stores nationwide. This product is much more effective than the end result of shipping them in dry ice. Furthermore, our frozen product is not available for sale over the internet at this time. Although there is no replacing the hot-off-the-grill taste of fresh White Castle hamburgers, we believe our frozen product is the next best thing.
For information regarding grocery stores that carry our products, please do not hesitate to call our 800 line.

We do not recommend shipping our fresh or frozen products overseas because product shipped outside the US is unable to meet the “safe zone” of receiving frozen product within a 24 hour period. Additionally, our proprietary bakery buns are not packaged for resale.

4) What are Sliders made of?

White Castle hamburgers are made from 100% USDA approved beef. There is no organ meat or bone meal in our hamburgers. The “Grade” (Prime, Choice, Select…etc.) is not specified, as ground beef can contain a mixture of many grades.

The beef used by White Castle comes from several slaughter plants in Florida, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. The beef is raised in these and surrounding states. Some of our beef may also be imported from Australia or New Zealand. The hamburger we use is made from a mixture of meat produced from both grain and grass-fed cattle.

5) Is it Onions or Cabbage on a White Castle Slider?

White Castle 100% USDA inspected beef hamburger patties are steam grilled on a bed of rehydrated onions. The variety of onion is a California dehydrator onion and is very similar to the kind of dried chopped onions available in the spice aisle of any major grocery store. White Castle switched from fresh onions to rehydrated onions during World War II when onions and other fresh produce were hard to procure due to rationing.

There is no cabbage (or turnips) used in a White Castle hamburger sandwich.

6) Why are there no pickles on the frozen sandwiches that I buy at the grocery store?

Pickles have not been placed on our frozen hamburgers and cheeseburgers for over fourteen years, as they do not microwave or freeze well.  You may want to try adding a hamburger dill pickle to our sandwich after microwaving.  Many people have told us this adds the finishing touch.

7) Why are the condiments different in different cities?

Since the 1920’s, White Castle has always afforded its regional operations a reasonable measure of autonomy in making operating decisions. Since 1921, this has developed into slightly different versions of our signature hamburger sandwich,The Original Slider®, these variations include some regions using Düsseldorf brown mustard (Chicago, Cincinnati-Dayton, Louisville and Nashville predominantly), some using a horseradish mustard (Indianapolis and St. Louis) and others using regular “yellow” mustard; or in the case of our east coast operations (New York and New Jersey), ketchup included automatically (unless requested otherwise) on our signature White Castle hamburger sandwich. Our product has adapted to its surroundings and become local wherever it has gone.

8) How do I safely store extra sandwiches?

The best way to store burgers for later is in your freezer. We suggest cooling the burgers to 40 F or below (refrigeration temperature) rapidly. The quick cooling prevents bacterial growth. Remove them from the sack or case and place them “separately” in the refrigerator until all the burgers have reached the 40 F or below temperature. After this temperature is reached, you can place them back in the case for storage, and then treat them as you would any other leftover.

9) How do I reheat White Castles?

We have some reheating instructions for you here.

10) Where and when was White Castle founded?

In 1921 with $700 of borrowed money, the first White Castle opens in Wichita, Kansas, offering hamburgers at the unbelievable price of $.05 a piece.

11) Can I buy stock in White Castle?

White Castle is a privately held, family owned and operated company, and does not sell public stock.

12) Who is the CEO?

E. W. (Bill) Ingram became CEO/Chairman of the Board and President in 1992.

13) How do I contact the Corporate Office?

You can contact our corporate office by using the information below:

555 West Goodale Street

Columbus, OH 43215


14) How do I contact my Regional Office?

Our regional office phone numbers are listed below:

  • Chicago 708-458-4450
  • Cincinnati 513-559-0575
  • Columbus 614-294-3753
  • Detroit 248-477-1450
  • Indianapolis 317-269-4590
  • Louisville 502-361-2317
  • Minneapolis 651-646-1811
  • Nashville 615-834-5798
  • New Jersey 908-753-0822
  • New York 718-899-8404
  • Northeast Ohio 216-741-9780
  • St. Louis 314-535-7430