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2004 Inductees

Creators of "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle"

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Creators of "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle"


In the summer of 2004, two guys went where no major movie characters have gone before – to White Castle®. Now, because of this cinematic journey, five men behind the New Line Cinema release, “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle,” went straight to our Cravers Hall of Fame.

“Harold and Kumar” is a delicious comedy about two young men and one long night’s quest to feed their Crave, in the tasteful tradition of “Dude, Where’s My Car?” – which was also directed by Danny Leiner. Actors John Cho and Kal Penn dig in to the roles of Harold and Kumar, respectively.

The script by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg takes Harold and Kumar on a wild trip of mischief, misadventure and, of course, many burgers from a certain 24-hour restaurant.

“Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” is a hilarious Slider® story of epic proportions that merits a special induction of Danny Leiner, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, John Cho and Kal Penn into the Cravers Hall of Fame, Class of 2004.

Danny Leiner, Director
Jon Hurwitz, Writer
Hayden Schlossberg, Writer
John Cho, Harold
Kal Penn, Kumar

Gail Davis

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Gail Davis

Cincinnati, OH

The year is 1970. The scenario: same as last Friday night and the one before that! I’m getting dressed and ready to go out “cruising” with my best friend, Joanie (you know as in “Joanie Loves Chachi”). Driving around, having a few laughs, looking for our own personal Scott Baios. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? I was single, carefree and it was the ‘70s, for goodness’ sake. I hated every minute of it! I am a homebody and always was. I LIKED being home on a Friday night, imagining myself in a little house in the suburbs – white picket fence and “Mr. Right” helping me raise our children.

The one bright spot of the evening? I always knew we would end the night at the Castle, hanging out and stuffing ourselves with those tasty little burgers, but this night seemed different; something was in the air. As we pulled into the crowded parking lot, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a hot rod. Just another car crammed full with guys, I thought to myself.

As we parked our car, I noticed the passenger side of their car open and out stepped this tall, handsome guy with a thick head of blond hair. He walked past us with an air of confidence and maturity. Was I staring? I’m sure I was! Suddenly, he turned around and headed straight for our car. My friend, Joanie (never one to mince words), started a conversation. I could tell he was younger than I originally thought he was. “No, this one will not want to settle down anytime soon,” I said to myself. So, we locked eyes and then went our separate ways.

The Friday night trips to White Castle® continued. Some nights I would see the hot rod, other nights I would hold my breath – no hot rod! I reached the point where I decided to tell my friend, “No more Friday nights for me!” I needed a break from the scene, at that time I was 22 years old, I lived with my father and I think I decided to buy a cat or take up knitting! As we pulled out of the parking lot on that last night, I noticed the hot rod pulling in. I fought the urge to tell Joanie to stop and turn around to go back. I just let it go. Call it fate or timing, but I was just too tired to try again.

As we approached the bridge heading home, we saw two headlights following us in the dark. Soon we heard a horn blowing frantically; it was the hot rod urging us to pull over. We pulled to the side of the road and rolled our windows down only slightly. The young man got out of the car and ran to my side of the car and looked into my window. Hurriedly he said to me, “Hi, my name is Darrell. Will you go out with me?”

The year now is 2003 and I am sending you this story after my husband of 33 years (Darrell) and I have just finished sharing a bag of White Castles (or Sliders® as some say) with our two granddaughters. We are now heading home to our small house in the suburbs, where we raised our two sons and several cats! Average story? Possibly. Hall of Fame husband? Definitely!

Casey Dikkers

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Casey Dikkers

Hazelwood, MO

It is almost funny how sometimes out of the terrible things the best stories come. My terrible thing was that I originally went to a college with the nearest White Castle® being on the other side of the state (possibly relating to my low GPA, but more on that later). Anyway, as roads part, so did my time at that school. But while I was there I became a proud member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and made many good friends and met many White Castle lovers.

I am now finishing my higher education at a different school (one only about 1.5 miles from a Castle) and doing quite well. Yet, I remember my friends and I still visit. That is where the story really takes off. It was late March of 2001 and I was making plans to visit my old college (Truman State University, located in scenic Kirksville, Missouri). Being the nice guy I am and the fact that payday was coming up, I offered to bring up a Sack of Ten for anyone who wanted one, my treat. Well, word got around about my generosity and soon 10 became 100. Putting the thought of getting 100 steaming Castles out of my head, I put my mind to the next task: figuring out how to get them from St. Louis to Kirksville in afternoon rush hour traffic. Many times before I had refrigerated leftover Castles; they keep nicely and reheat rather well. So I started converting the back of my Jeep Cherokee into a temporary fridge that my fraternity brothers dubbed “the four by four fridge.”

I laid the bottom with a plastic sheet, secured it with duct tape, prepared several ice packs, found some aluminum foil, and borrowed a down comforter from a friend. Crude, yet it all seemed theoretically sound. A few bungee cords added to the security and I was ready to place my order. I’ll admit, the most Castles I had ever ordered before was a Sack of Ten. Ten has always been my number, so I was a bit nervous going in and asking for 100 (I figured that the drive-thru would have been a bad idea). After the wide-eyed cashier asked me if I was serious, I was quite impressed when she asked me, “For here or to go?”

The order went in and everyone went to work like an assembly line. Crave Cases were packed, boxes were assembled and I was out of there in less than ten minutes. Three Crave Cases and a Sack of Ten. The Crave Cases went into the back and I tied them down hardcore because I knew I was going to have to do a little unfriendly braking before I left the city. The Sack of Ten ended up in the front on the passenger’s seat. In the spirit of things, I put the seat belt on the sack. However, it slid off going out of the parking lot. Well just as certain as both death and taxes, I got stuck in traffic not too far out of St. Louis. With the smell looming heavily in my Jeep, I took advantage of the stopped traffic to help kill my craving with the Sack of Ten. Six quick ones and I was full. Traffic started moving again and I was on my way up north. I reached Columbia and I was getting off the interstate and onto one of those two lane state highways. There was a stoplight at the interchange and there was a homeless man looking for his next meal, so as I drove by I was getting ready to toss him the remains of my Sack of Ten, but, unfortunately, he went to the other side of the road. Traffic forbade me from turning around and pushed me further on north. I was a little saddened by that; I know he would have loved them even more than my fellow Tekes. So the drive went on for the last 100 miles and the hanging aroma of Castles was about as thick as it was in the restaurant when I picked them up. Since I was on a country highway, going 60 miles per hour and traffic was heavy, eating the last of mine was out of the question.

I was starting to get a little eager to arrive at my destination. That and the fact that I was less than certain about the integrity of my temporary fridge, so I was blasting the air conditioner at the maximum setting on recirculation. I was freezing. Kirksville city limits finally appeared on the horizon and with it, my old fraternity house. After six hours, half a tank of gas, a near case of hypothermia (or so it felt), I was able to step out into the warm spring air and present my brothers with the gift of 90 Castles (they asked about the other ten, a brief fight broke out and then we agreed on a delivery fee). When their senses went off, it became a massacre. Every microwave, two ovens and a toaster oven were all in use as the reheating took place. One greedy soul even tried to sneak an entire Crave Case off to his room. His girlfriend informed me and I repossessed them personally. He was not exactly happy, but I wasn’t going to travel that far to let one greedy person ruin things for several others.

So, that weekend eventually ended and passed (as they all do) and I had to head back to St. Louis. The Crave Cases were gone, but the aroma must have lingered in my Jeep for at least a month. People who were there for that night still talk about it and ask me if I ever am going to do it again. Greek reunion is coming up and I do have a few ideas on how to improve my four by four fridge. It just might happen…

I currently attend Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, and I have a GPA of 3.5. The nearest Castle is about 1.5 miles down the highway. Prior to that, I attended the St. Louis Community College and carried a GPA of 3.9. The nearest Castle was two blocks from my parents’ house where I resided. When I attended Truman State, I had a GPA of 2.1 and the nearest Castle was in St. Louis (over 190 miles away). Coincidence? I do not think so.

Charlie Evranian

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Charlie Evranian

New Albany, OH

In 1998, I was selected to escort weatherman Willard Scott, of NBC’s “Today,” to the Ohio Governor’s Conference on Aging. At the conclusion of the conference, Willard was presented with three huge insulated containers of White Castle® hamburgers.

Willard asked me to place the hamburgers off to the side until we were ready to leave for the airport. As we were leaving the conference, Willard suggested that we take the hamburgers to the airport and figure out what to do with them at the departure gate.

As we arrived at the Columbus Airport, arrangements had been made for us to have a special parking space in the VIP parking area. As we were unloading Willard’s bags from the trunk, people began noticing the NBC celebrity and surrounded our car requesting autographs. While signing autographs, Willard turned to me and asked if we had the three boxes of White Castle hamburgers. I said, “Yes”, and Willard then asked the crowd if they wanted a “Slider®; tailgate party.” The crowd roared with an enthusiastic “Yes!” and the Slider party began. We must have handed over 100 White Castle hamburgers to those gathered.

Willard waved good-bye to the crowd and made his way to the waiting plane, his pockets stuffed with an assortment of hamburgers.

Ken & Lynda Muxie

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Ken & Lynda Muxie

East Rockaway, NY

It was many years ago, in a time of disco nightclubs and leisure suits when I met my wife Lynda while she was working at a White Castle® restaurant. The time was the mid-1970s. We were not into all of that disco dancing and stuff because we were hipsters and we still are. Lynda got her job through her sister who was also a White Castle employee. It was an age when the girls wore dresses, aprons and the Castle’s paper hats. Boy, did she look cute!

It turned out that Lynda’s sister was going out with my brother’s friend. This fellow worked across the street from the Castle and used to go there for his lunch break. Who would’ve thought that in two years the two of them would get married? They met at the Castle. I should have known something was up, even all the way back when. However that is not the way the twist of fate worked out for Lynda and me.

We were young and we “hung out” together, stopping at the Castle after a party or cocktails, but we were JUST real good friends. Time went by, Lynda got married and so did I. We were always fans of the Castle, but together, the two of us, we didn’t stop in anymore. We were still always friends, but we both had our own directions to go.

Fast forward… The year was 2002 and Lynda is driving back from Anchorage, Alaska (which is where her job took her). As she was passing through Ohio, she had to stop at the first White Castle she saw. She had the Crave. Well, Lynda winds up back in New York and by this time, we are both divorced. She stopped by my home to see if I made it through the “crazy days.” We were always good friends; we hung out and talked and somehow the Castle came up in our conversation. Well, we took off for the Lynbrook Castle and talked about how our dads used to take us there when the Castle had curbside service, real dishes and real cups. We talked about the “Ohio Castle story” and how she missed them in Anchorage. Again a little time passed and we were together quite a lot. We hit it off!

Now at age 44, we weren’t discussing which party or concert to go to; it was time for the future, time to plan. So one afternoon I took Lynda to the Lynbrook Castle for lunch. I asked her to marry me, and to my surprise, she said, “This is so classy, yes.” We set the date for January 13, 2003. We planned on having a simple civil wedding, but what were we going to do for the reception? The Castle of course!

I went to the Lynbrook Castle to see if they could hold such an affair for about 25-30 people. They told us, “No problem!” The management team was most accommodating; not only did we have reserved seats, but we also had waitress service, balloons, two cakes, a gift basket, photos taken and flowers! Everyone was very impressed. I was asked at the end of the reception, “Why the Castle?” I had a simple reply: “Everyone likes White Castle, and it is not like the crummy food you get in some catering hall.”

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