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Unlike our delicious Sliders, the ozone is better off without holes.

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How we’re doing our part  

How we’re doing our part

• We switched from the white paper sack and white corrugated Crave Cases for brown paper and corrugated cases made from 100% recycled material.

• Since 1992, the company has used Duro-Last white roofing for new construction. Warranted for 15 to 20 years, Duro-Last reflects over 86% of the sun’s energy, reducing energy costs. Duro-Last is a charter partner in the ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

• White Castle division PSB Company recycles over 100 tons of metal each year including stainless, galvanized and cold-rolled.

• In 2010 White Castle’s Home office recycled more than 80 tons of shrink wrap, paper, plastic, glass and other recyclables. The office continues to minimize waste by finding recycling and reusing outlets for the waste. For example, the PSB Company donates paint booth drums to a local organization whose use these as book donation and recycling containers. Additionally, interested team members take home used coffee grounds for use at their home or garden.

• White Castle owns and operates two of its own bakeries and employs its own fleet of refrigerated trucks to distribute the flash frozen buns to restaurants in 12 states. They have been committed to reusing and recycling the outer bun cartons since 1965. The White Castle frozen sandwich product is shipped in corrugated cartons bearing the familiar circle of three arrows indicating their recyclable status.

• One of the ways we are converting our wastes into other products or energy is the reuse of our liquid grease. This is occurring in the Outerloop Biocell located in Louisville, Kentucky. Grease trap liquids generated from cooking our hamburgers are periodically removed and transported offsite to the biocell. These liquids help sustain the biodegradation of organic materials within the biocell. This in turn reduces the volume of material within the biocell preserving valuable landfill space for future use. This reduces the need for new landfill space.

• Unused and previously used marketing material, such as banners, paperboard, plastic board, etc., is donated to local schools or organizations that reuse the material for creative uses. Since January 2012 White Castle has donated over 2,000 pounds of marketing material to schools and related organizations to reuse within the classroom.

• White Castle System Corporate Social Responsibility Policy outlines our goal of continuing to create goods and services while using fewer resources, creating less waste and pollution while improving the quality of life for our team members as well as the community.

• Initiated a system wide office recycling program within regional offices and food production plants. Material that was previously sent to the landfill is now recycled. This includes shrink wrap, cardboard, plastic strapping, paper, aluminum cans, glass, etc.

• White Castle continues to purchase sustainable products such as post-consumered recycled printing paper, recycled paper napkins and unbleached paper towels. Additionally, we continue to construct our White Castle Restaurant’s with sustainable building materials and energy efficient equipment.

• Continue to retrofit our manufacturing plants with updated and efficient lighting. This includes LED lighting and efficient T8 lighting.

• Currently testing LED lighting in restaurant parking lots. This technology is expected to use 33 percent less kWh per store then with our traditional lighting and due to the longer usable life will save money on installation costs.

• Where cost effective and regionally available, we are piloting back of the house composting in our castles. This program helps us achieve waste reduction goals and decreases our impact on landfills.

• White Castle Restaurants uses Restaurant Technologies, Inc., system to deliver, distribute and recycle used cooking oil to refiners of biodiesel fuel.

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