Put some money in your pocket by putting Sliders in their sack. Working at White Castle can give you all that you crave in a job.

What’s it like to work at White Castle?  

What’s it like to work at White Castle?

Friendly, Fast-Paced, Solid, Career-Driven, and Cult-Like…a Unique place to work.

We’re Friendly and Have Fun. We know our guests by name and laugh with our teams.

We’re Fast-Paced. We bring high energy, learning and doing every job in our Castles with enthusiasm to create memorable moments for our guests.

We’re Solid. The Ingram family founded White Castle in 1921 and still owns it today. We probably served your grandparents’ parents.

We’re Career-Driven. Nearly 25% of our team has at least 10 years of service, including our executives who started their careers by steam-grilling sliders. They enjoyed great benefits, free food, and weekly pay just like we do today.

And Our Guests Make Us Cult-Like. They come to exchange wedding vows and celebrate Valentine’s Day with tablecloths and candles. And some of our best guests belong to our Cravers Hall of Fame.

White Castle is Unique. We’re a special blend of people, products, history, and guests which make White Castle a cool place to work.

You’ll Crave the White Castle experience!

Crave great benefits?
As a member of the White Castle family, you can enjoy a generous benefits package that includes great things such as: paid vacations; health, dental and life insurance; pension and profit sharing; weekly paychecks; as well as on-the-job perks such as our “promote from within practice” and free meals while working.

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